Would you like to know how other customers are already benefiting from the FAG Detector III?

Our Global Technology Solutions show you a large variety of applications of the FAG Detector III in practice. In the following you find three examples from different industry branches. Further Global Technology Solutions can be found in the download area.


Monitoring of process critical systems at a waste incineration plant

The Asdonkshof waste disposal center carries out measurements on process critical systems with its FAG Detector III. In this way, any developing damage is detected early, enabling the company to realise considerable cost savings. These savings amount to more than € 10,000 for every prevented failure.

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Offline vibration diagnosis with the FAG Detector III as part of after sales service

Karl Uhl GmbH has extended its service portfolio with the help of FAG Detector III. Both Uhl customers and the Uhl after sales service department benefit from the new offline vibration measurement service financially and in terms of quality.

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Monitoring and balancing with the FAG Detector IIII

The Armstrong DLW Group tested the FAG Detector III for a two-month period. Impressed by the device’s unique advantages, the customer then decided to buy it. Mounting and balancing tasks that were performed in the past with the help of various less efficient tools are today carried out reliably with the FAG Detector III.

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